Sydney Cummings, Digital Personal Trainer

Updated: May 30, 2020

AIR DATE: May 13, 2020

Sydney Cummings is YouTube's favorite fitness trainer. I may be a little bit biased here, but I fully believe she delivers some of the best quality workouts to her online community. There are a few things that separate Sydney from other trainers:

1. She does the workout with you. She is feeling the pain right alongside you! Talk about accountability.

2. Her workouts are, wait for it, FREE! Yes, completely free. All that she asks is that you subscribe to her channel.

3. She's educational. Throughout the workout, Sydney takes the time to explain the why behind the moves. You leave the workout drenched and informed.

Photo courtesy of Sydney Cummings

In this episode, Sydney and I pulled back the layers and dove into the life that she's built for herself today. Although the health and wellness industry tends to be portrayed as glamorous, Sydney is insistent on letting her viewers know she is real and raw.

She's survived some pretty catastrophic life events, too. From the unexpected death of her younger brother to becoming a victim of gun violence, her life exemplifies strength and resilience.

To workout with Sydney, check out her YouTube channel and join the 400,000+ people working out with her every day.

Sydney offers membership to the Sydney Squad, which is an online Facebook group. Every day, Sydney goes live and offers advice to her members. She also brings on various health professionals to break down other topics. To learn more about membership in the Sydney Squad, click here.

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