Ruzana Glaeser, Gender Pay Gap Warrior

This week's episode is important. Now, yes, I believe every episode aired is significant; however, we're talking about money... and how much our male counterparts may be making compared to us women.

Ruzana co-founded Bright Meets Brave a little over a year and a half ago. She took her long-founded realization of the gender pay gay and decided to fill a need: women needed to learn how to negotiate for themselves. Ruzana and her sister, Karina, teamed up to help and coach women.

Photo courtesy of Ruzana Glaeser

Ruzana and Karina grew up in Russia, and they struggled when their family lost everything. The two went from living in a six bedroom condo to sharing a couch. They saw firsthand the impact money has both as individuals and on a family.

According to the company website, Bright Meets Brave is the only US boutique that focuses solely on achieving the zero pay gap in the workplace.

Check out their LinkedIn.

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