Lauren Lapid, Digital Designer at Conde Nast Entertainment

Lauren is the real deal. She's ambitious, driven, and has a no BS mentality that has undoubtedly led her to where she is today.

A graduate of George Mason University, Lauren studied Graphic Design and held internships at big name companies such as USA TODAY and Adobe.

Photo courtesy of Lauren Lapid

While her resume is incredibly impressive, one aspect of Lauren's life that left me in awe was her fearlessness to move her life across the country. After landing in Virginia for college, she picked up once again and moved to New York.

In this episode, Lauren and I talk through how to conquer feeling homesick, clapping back at negative self-talk, and negotiating for more opportunity (read: NOT compensation). She also opens up about her first experience with racism as an Asian American woman.

To connect with Lauren, follow her on Instagram and listen to her podcast, Rookies in the Real World.

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