Laura Wileo, UX Designer and International Photographer

Updated: May 30, 2020

AIR DATE: May 20, 2020

Laura Wielo's career truly sounds like something out of a movie. After she graduated from Buffalo State, she worked as a graphic designer and started a photography business on the side. Like many entrepreneurs hope for, her side business generated enough revenue and quickly became her full-time career. Soon after, Laura relocated to Charlotte, NC.

Photo Courtesy of Laura Wielo

Laura Hope Photography provided her with incredible travel opportunities. From weddings in Miami to Paris, Laura was able to see the world with her camera in hand to capture some of the most beautiful moments of people's lives.

Though she owned her own business and spent most of her time on the go, Laura longed for human connection. Though her work involved others, she shared that more of her time was spent editing than it was photographing. In addition to photo, Laura now works as a User Experience (UX) Designer. If you've never heard of it, don't worry -- I hadn't either. As the technology scene continues to evolve, so do jobs. UX is part of the field's ever-changing landscape.

To learn more about Laura, listen to our episode. To follow her work, check out her Instagram and Facebook pages, or her website listed above.

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