Kristen Jenna, Manifestation Queen

When Kristen and I first scheduled our interview, I won't lie, I was skeptical. We had a great introduction meeting and hit it off so well, but there was still this thought of whether or not I believed that manifestation was...real.

I was a sophomore in college during the 2016 election, and I will never forget the wisdom one of my favorite professor's instilled in us: "If you can't see someone else's viewpoint, you will never be able to make an educated decision."

Photo courtesy of Kristen Jenna

This quote is applicable to everything, especially ideologies or beliefs you're not familiar with or skeptical of.

To be short, I was blown away. Kristen's story is real. Her advice is tangible. Her background is credible. When you tune into the episode, you'll hear us walk through the most simple ways to begin manifesting (think Manifesting for Dummies). You'll also learn about some of my limiting beliefs that I didn't know existed until Kristen called me out.

Don't let your communication with her end here. She is a well of knowledge and is so willing to help others achieve their best lives.

Connect with her on Instagram, listen to her podcast, join her Facebook group, and sign up for her Blissful Abundance Academy.

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