Emma Bevilacqua, Creator of the Sweaty But Cute blog

This week's episode is one I believe we all need to hear. Body image can become so distorted and social media can only add to the fire. My wonderful guest, Emma Bevilacqua, saw a need to promote more positive body content and created her blog "Sweaty But Cute."

Photo courtesy of Emma Bevilacqua

On her blog she writes, "We are going to learn how to look past the toxic messages the media and fitness industry forces us to believe and start being happy in our own skin. This blog is about learning how to practice self care, crave constant self-improvement, and live healthier and sweatier." To me, this sums up the wonderful work she is doing. 

According to dosomething.org, 91 percent of women are unhappy with their body. Emma's blog is focused on helping women garnish healthy relationships with theirselves.

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