Betty Jean Bowles, Public Relations Rockstar

There are many days that I finish recording with a guest, and I think, "Wow, I'm so lucky to do this." This episode really reminded me of why I started this podcast.

Betty Jean is incredibly smart and driven; she's also an absolute blast to talk to. We had only chatted once prior, but I felt like I may or may not have found my new best friend.

Photo courtesy of Betty Jean

In this week's episode, Betty Jean gets real about why she changed her career path (and major - sorry, grandma!) a year before graduating, how she landed multiple public relations opportunities, and why networking is truly the key.

Betty Jean reminds us that we have to find our passion and it's worth all the sacrifice in order to discover it. Although her plate is as full as it gets, she's grateful and proud. As she says in our episode, "this was the exact things [I] was praying for and manifesting."

One theme that often comes up with each guest is that life is not meant to be linear. It is full of twists, turns, headaches, and more, but that is where we grow. When we deviate from what we thought we wanted, we find what was meant for us. Betty Jean's story is no different.

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