"What's up, you guys! Happy Wednesday and welcome back to another episode of Twenty Something Trials."

Odds are, if you're a longtime listener of the podcast, you've heard this intro before. I'm a creature of habit, and once I find something that I think works, I struggle to let go of it. 

In this case, it's a phrase. Which, let's be real, is silly. As a new kid on the podcast block, I've learned to stick to what feels good. To what feels right. Throughout my undergraduate career at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, I clung to moments of connection, whether that be with professors, friends, or my boyfriend.

I love storytelling. I love sitting down with a peer, a stranger, a businessman or woman, and discovering their voice. One of the most beautiful opportunities we have as humans is the ability to share our voice, and if we're smart, we'll use it for good. At Twenty Something Trials, that's what I strive to do. In every episode, with every guest, I want to discover someone's story -- and share it with you, hopeful that you'll learn or resonate with something she said.

More than anything, I hope that my guests' stories inspire you to be a little more courageous, a little more kind, and even a little more vocal. 


Thanks for being here,

Gabby Dionisio